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Our future speaks
"At the level of respect all people are equal." Mthimkhulu International - 2001

It is great when we can hear our future speaking to us. The following article, about the Celebrating Humanity© program, gives us a glimpse of where we were in the past and where we are going to in the future...

Amongst the many exciting things about working in the fields of Workplace Diversity Training & Workplace Diversity Unity/ Harmony facilitation, are the letters and comments that we receive from our clients.

The changes and results that our delegates and newly trained trainers are achieving are unbelievably rewarding. Our August 2005 newsletter is dedicated to their feedback and the words of an outside person, who has observed a person’s transformation!

eThekwini Municipality Diversity Project

Our recent project with the eThekwini Municipality, involved the training of managers, councillors and trainers... Please visit our eThekwini pages on for more info and photos.

The biggest change often comes through simple realisations...

One reads, almost daily, of conflict and heated disagreement amongst politicians... Yet councillors, many of whom have been in opposition for nearly 10 years, had the following to say, after attending the 2 day Celebrating Humanity Foundation© programme:-

“We have opened our hearts regardless of our political backgrounds. ...this training will create a new spirit throughout City Hall.”

“We need to acknowledge that before we become politicians, we are human beings first. I wonder why we never thought of that before?”

A chance meeting with a councillor - 6 months after the programme - elicited this refreshing comment:- “It is amazing! I have had angry arguments with an opposition councillor for over 9 years and now we no longer argue at all.”

A Management Team member was equally surprised.

“The Celebrating Humanity Primer© (an inter-diversity communication tool) created the opportunity to open up conversation between me and my staff. People actually phoned me at home with answers. Brilliant!”

Facilitators, from the inside looking out...

Our newly trained eThekwini Facilitators have shown their ability to transform and to unite a very diverse group of people through the Celebrating Humanity© program. (Photographs ).

Their personal transformation and the effect that it has had on their family lives is seen in their feedback...

Wayne wrote, “The most amazing thing that has happened is that I am discovering myself as a person with my family, my community, my colleagues, my country, and myself. Really amazing.”

Sonja wrote after facilitating a programme which included her daughter, “I am still so overwhelmed - I feel so different /renewed and GOOD... I am so excited and feel so different - I look at people in the bus, taxi, shops and everywhere else, with a whole new attitude...

How can I express the gratitude and love that I feel today. My daughter also is so different now and we developed a new beginning in how we deal with each other...”

An observer, from the outside looking in...

KN was extremely unhappy to be asked by her manager to work with a particular person, not knowing that he had attended the Celebrating Humanity© - train the trainer program. She continues...

“I became very defensive towards my Manager and advised him that I would not be happy working with “him.” Over the years he had soured many relationships, as such, he was not a popular person amongst my work colleagues.

My initial meeting with him was different. The person that I remembered was no more. He had become more accommodating and helpful. He at once made me comfortable and put my mind at ease and gave me lots of courage to become a good trainer.

I sat in on many of his classes and thoroughly enjoyed myself. He was always bragging about how he had attended a diversity course that had changed his entire life.

The person to whom I now grew accustomed to, was a far cry from the person I had met many years ago. The person that I know now is a kind and gentle person. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his peers and myself.”

Current Eskom case study

The saga continues...

JG, manager of an Eskom group in Johannesburg, writes 10 months after a Celebrating Humanity Harvest© intervention with his once very stressed team - “The Ikwezi Stars are still going well - not a single (workplace dispute) problem.”

This now united team is very diverse and stretches from Klerksdorp to Johannesburg. Last year it was wracked by workplace disputes, resulting in great expense to team spirit and the organisation’s pocket. Over R 75000 was spent on legal fees alone and over 100 people/ days were lost to disputes, arbitration and conflict resolution.

Prior to this successful intervention, the management of challenges caused by issues of diversity and personality, was controlled in the traditional top-down manner.

Our future has spoken...

In these examples selected from many similar comments, the future has spoken. It IS possible to:

* Unite the wonderful people of this country and the people of the world, in respect and harmony.
* Substantially reduce conflict, disrespect and prejudice.
* Transform workplaces and homes into safe places.

And we can build a nurturing humanity-focused environment for future generations.

Transformation takes special leaders. Brave leaders. Leaders who are willing to pass control and accountability on to their people.

Transformation and unity is people-driven and can only be managed by teams, with group acceptance and total group participation.

This is the essence of the Celebrating Humanity© program.

For more information...

For more information on the Celebrating Humanity© programs and recent projects, please visit Celebrating Humanity or Africa Dreams or e-mail us with a detailed info/ proposal request.

Brian V Moore©
Mthimkhulu International
(T) 27 (0)31 2053668
July 10, 2005

For photos and outcomes of our 1 day Celebrating Humanity programme in Durban, South Africa

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from various delegates from eThekwini Municipality Diversity Training program - RSA.

The value that I got was team work, openness of communication - with respect, participation and understanding.


I am awestruck. You have taught us to be catalysts.


I have been in Council since 1967 and this is the first time I have found a course of this nature. This is very valuable.


I learnt that there are so many people are eager to bring change. The onus is upon us to bring change.


I am like a brand new person.


I have learnt a lot about myself. I have learnt that I am still prejudiced. I have firstly learnt to accept myself. I have also learnt to accept others.


Knowing that we all add to each other. We all bring value.


It was tremendous to learn to forgive. Living spiritual belief.


In 20 years in council I never experienced such spontaneity. In the council we are all numbers. This can change.


I have been able to improve relationships. There is a person at work who never smiled. No one talked to her. After the course I approached the person and asked about her culture. Now she seeks me out to greet me.


I decided to practice at home first and then at work. I have become one with my family. I was the lioness at home - this has changed.

Brian. Lliam and Arthie Moore.